novembro 13, 2010


«We don't start out with a moral duty to "reduce bias", because biases are bad and evil and Just Not Done. This is the sort of thinking someone might end up with if they acquired a deontological duty of "rationality" by social osmosis, which leads to people trying to execute techniques without appreciating the reason for them. [...] Rather, we want to get to the truth, for whatever reason, and we find various obstacles getting in the way of our goal. These obstacles are not wholly dissimilar to each other - for example, there are obstacles that have to do with not having enough computing power available, or information being expensive. It so happens that a large group of obstacles seem to have a certain character in common - to cluster in a region of obstacle-to-truth space - and this cluster has been labeled "biases".» Eliezer Yudkowsky, Less Wrong

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