abril 18, 2011

Centralização e Comunicação

"[...] many economists argue that socialism is infeasible because people lack the cognitive capacities it requires to work. The “Calculation Problem” [cf. wikipedia] holds that in large-scale societies, it is impossible to make good economic calculations without market prices. Market prices convey information about the relative scarcity of a good in light of the effective demand for that good. Market prices provide a simple vehicle for producers and consumers to adjust their behavior to scarcity and demand. According to the Calculation Problem, socialist planning cannot work, even if everyone were motivated to make it work, because planners do not have access to real prices or to a workable substitute for prices. The problem of planning an economy is too hard for a small bureau of planners. (In contrast, in a capitalistic economy, everyone is a planner.)" Jason Brennan, Cohen's Why Not Socialism?

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Anónimo disse...

Os tais economistas, não podem saber de impossibilidades, pois são administradores de misérias. São arautos de desvalores, pregadores da reificação. Coletores de impostos. Ladrões do ócio tão necessário.