maio 10, 2010


[..] a mammal remains a mammal whether or not there are men around to verify that fact. It is trivially true that without humans around nobody would conceptualize what a mammal is, or that the term “mammal” is linguistically arbitrary, but that’s not what Nietzsche is saying. “Mammals” are in fact an objective truth about the world, specifically they are a particular phylogenetic lineage of organisms on planet earth, with a given history and a number of non-arbitrarily distinctive features (despite the existence of Platypi).

[... ] Truth is something “out there,” and the only sensible discussion is about the epistemic limitations of human beings, which make it so that we can rarely be certain of the truths we think we discover. We don’t create truth, we discover it (partially, under certain conditions, using some methods, of which science is certainly a primary one). [...] Science’s object, unlike religion, is not to help us figure a way out of nihilism — that’s the job of philosophy! Massimo Pigliucci post do blog Rationally Speaking

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